underwater anthems.

29 Jul


the key to a great party, in my opinion, is a carefully-edited soundtrack. here’s my top five underwater anthems from the night aquatic:

1. azealia banks – aquababe
i’ve been a little aqua-crazy over the past few months (if we’re calling 12+ ‘a few’), and much of it can be attributed to azealia’s ‘fantasea mix tape’. not to mention the mermaid ball she threw in nyc last summer. this song gets the top spot on my list since it is all about being an aqua-fancy babe, and abanks’ opening line is pretty much like a wet fish to the face.

2. b52’s – rock lobster
not only is this one of the zaniest songs ever, it was also part of the sea-spiration for my lobster outfit. extra points for naming so many sea creatures in one song, a feat that may only be bested by my number 3 track.

3. the little mermaid – under the sea
how could there be an underwater anthem list without this pearl of a song? sebastian knows it’s hotter under the water, and that it’s better down where it’s.. err.. wetter?

4. the beatles – octopus’ garden
seriously, it’s a whole song about living under the sea, in an octopus’ garden, in the shade. who wouldn’t like to be under the sea after listening to this?

5. frank ocean – lost
not strictly an ‘underwater’ anthem, but frank’s last name and the whale-song-esque melody on this track earn it a place on my list.

other honourable mentions include:

the bloody beetroots ft the cool kids – awesome
blondie – the tide is high
gorillaz – superfast jellyfish
SBTRKT – wildfire
lykke li – i follow rivers
ice cube – now i gotta wet ‘cha
snoop dogg – who am i (what’s my name)?
the lonely island – i’m on a boat




28 Jul


i wanted to share some snaps with you from my trip to the states last year, so where better to start than at the start?

i popped over with my bff and bf during september/october for our very own breakfast at tiffany’s/home alone/crocodile dundee/sex and the city moment. it was our first, but hopefully not last, visit to that crazy-amazing place on the other side of the world. we went uptown, downtown, and turned the beat around town. we took a bite of the big apple (and as many waffles, pretzels, pizza slices and strips of maple bacon as we could handle).

we made it to the top of the empire state, took a helicopter flight for a killer view of manhattan, cut some tunes on the BIG piano at fao schwarz, saw donald trump and his glorious wig, got chased by cartoon characters in times square and papped by street style photographers during fashion week, ate magnolia bakery’s PB&J cupcakes in central park, gorged on grimaldi’s pizza in brooklyn, drank patron tequila and watched the sun set from our rooftop, danced on the bar at coyote ugly, sang ‘new york, new york’ everywhere we went, screamed “WE’RE WALKIN’ HERE!” at a yellow cab that tried to run us over, and stumbled upon futura’s future-shock show in the meatpacking district.

and, in a new york minute, it was all over.. believe the hype!


good morning nyc! view from our rooftop in chelsea

times square craziness


m&ms for weeks!

outside the rockafeller center

jammin’ at fao schwarz


times square on a friday night

highline walkway – runs from chelsea through to meatpacking district, and is pretty much new york’s version of the brisbane riverwalk 😉
warning: four loko may make you dance on bars and yell at cabs

perfect day in central park

view from the top of the empire state


times square from the empire state – literally pulsating with colour, light and sound

wall street

under the (brooklyn) bridge

hey mate! van gogh at the metropolitan museum of art


night night 🙂



16 Jun


22 Apr

a couple of weeks back, me and the girls went bush to girraween.. a little spot in the granite belt, along the qld/nsw border.

not sure if you’d have called us happy campers, but we did survive six hours on a minibus, two nights sleeping on yoga mats, two mountain hikes before one very late lunch, thousands of rocks, three three-minute showers and one ‘refreshing’ dip in the creek.

powered by jackie’s homemade scroggins, we took in the amazing scenery of the mountains, the rocks, the kangaroos and the toilet block/unofficial smokers’ section. oh, and the stars were pretty epic.

on the way home, we sampled the granite belt’s culinary delights with a trip to heavenly chocolates (the bessssst ever choc haystacks), a mini-tour of pyramids road winery, a cheese tasting and a whole lot of cured meats at the big apple.



top of turtle rock..


how’s the serenity?




the ladies looking less than ecstatic about our second hike for the day


havin’ a scratch


our spot


pretty flowers


rock pools



the water hole and the pyramids


just a wee bit chilly

pyramids road winery





the big apple




op shopping.

6 Mar

i hadn’t been op shopping in ages, but last weekend i had one of those pining desires that can only be quashed by a fashion purchase (and i’d unfortunately whittled all my money away earlier that week, in a couple of attempts to score the best lady gaga tickets i could get my mitts on).

while i’ve got my eyes locked on that cute, pink printed karen walker jumpsuit at blonde venus, i thought my wallet would probably prefer a trip to the local charity shop.

the expedition turned out to be pretty fruitful – a pair of alexander wang-meets-miu miu, metallic pink bewelled sandals, a couple of pairs of earrings, and a cute red sinamay hat that is going to get a proper workout once these rainy days ping off.

and since it was a rainy afternoon, i decided to do one of my other favourite indoor activities – taking photos of random stuff in my house:






next on my list is a set of champagne coupes and a cake stand – now i’ve got the hat sorted, it’s time to prep for autumn picnics!


happy new year!

23 Jan

happy new year! chinese new year, that is.. for those of us who were a little late off  the mark, or just love the beginning of a new year so much we want to celebrate it twice.. or those of you who are, in fact, chinese.

wishing errybody an auspicious and fun-filled year, especially for all my fellow dragons out there! hope you’re all ringing it in, in shining style (or at least with salt ‘n’ pepper pork chops, beef & black bean and a whole lot of chinese tea, like i did).

i’ll leave you with a few twinkling pics of my new year’s eve.. and yes, i dressed top to toe in glitter.

here’s to 2012 being an absolute sparkler of a year xx


silkandfloss resort 2012.

25 Dec


silkandfloss resort collection, 2012.

i’m going coastal for a couple of weeks and somehow, miraculously,  managed to fit all of this in my suitcase – the goal being to convert the caravan park into a catwalk. and don’t even ask how many nail polish colours i’m taking.. well, i have to keep myself occupied between sun baking and trivial pursuit tournaments!

a merry, joyous and sparkly christmas to all, and best wishes for a fabulous new years’ and a magical 2012!

oodles of love xx